December Newsletter

Two Mules for Haiti projects and activities

A big big thank you!

Working mules serve the Notre Dame primary school in Molas, scholarships are provided for students of Bon Samaritain secondary school in L’Acul, and planning continues for the water project!


Recently, Pere Andre Wildaine received our wire transfer and with the help of Mr. Macceme went to work finding two mules, saddles, packs and blankets. These animals (Henri and Petit Jo Jo) are owned by Two Mules for Haiti and are cared for by Mr. Macceme and Mr. Dorcius and their families. The mules are being used to transport building supplies, food, medicine and sick or injured people, to and from Fiervil and L’Acul at the base of the mountain to Molas near the summit. This is particularly useful as the final phase of construction of the new school building in Molas gets underway. The mules are cared for and managed by Macceme who lives near the Fiervil health clinic at the base of the mountain, and Docius who lives in Molas. The transportation of supplies to and from Notre Dame school in Molas is being given first priority and is undertaken with no charge. Caretaker families are otherwise using the mules at their discretion by hiring out for transportation needs in the L’Acul area. Maccieme and Dorcius are keeping records of their transportation activities, which are reported to Pere Wildaine and to Two Mules. We continue to seek support for veterinary care from individual supporters and university vet- medicine partners with programs focused on training students in large animal healthcare in developing countries. If this is of interest to you, please contact us!

St. Luke’s Grant

We are happy to announce that Two Mules was awarded a grant from the St. Luke’s Foundation for funding scholarships for Secondary School students attending Bon Samaritain Episcopal school in Beaudois, L’Acul, Haiti. As a top priority for 2020, we submitted a proposal in October to fund scholarships for students whose families are financially unable to meet tuition obligations. Scholarship funds are being provided for tuition and fees for promising students who would otherwise be unable to attend. Families who are receiving scholarship support are from many communities in the L’Acul-Gros Morne area, and the award selection process is managed by Bon Samaritain school administrators in coordination with Pere Jonas LaBorde, L’Acul Episcopal Parish. 

School Children lined up outside

Twelve students have been selected to receive scholarships. Among them are seven girls and five boys. Haiti’s system of organizing grade levels is different than in the US. The Fondamental school begins from 1ère AF to 9eme AF (1st – 9th grades) with three cycles. Primary School consists of two cycles. The First Cycle includes 1st – 3rd grades and the Second Cycle, 4th – 6th grades. The Third Cycle is considered Secondary School and includes 7th – 9th grades. As of 2007, a New Secondary School program was introduced at Bon Samaritain comprising four grades (NSI – NSIV). This program functions like college in the US, and many of the Two Mules scholarship recipients are in this new program.


Fedena Almera, age 18, has two brothers and one sister. She is enrolled in class NSIV and her favorite subjects are economics and physics. She is studying to be an economist, “to better manage my life and that of my family.” 

Esmélalda Fénélus, age 19, has two sisters and one brother. Esmélalda is in class NSIV and her favorite subjects are biology and chemistry. She hopes to become a pediatrician so that she may “care for children in need.” 

Richekerline Valcourt, age 16, has three brothers and two sisters. She is in class NSI, and her favorite classes are biology and social sciences. She dreams of becoming a nurse “to always be at the service of patients.” 

Lovemica Charles, age 15, has seven brothers and two sisters. She is in 8ème AF, enjoys biology and chemistry, and hopes to become a nurse so that she may “constantly care for patients.” 

Mica Saint Louis, age 19, has seven sisters and three brothers. She is in the class 8ème AF, enjoys her classes in biology and French, and aspires to become a nurse in order to “to care for the sick with love.” 

Givelore Auguste, is 15 and has three sisters. She is enrolled in class NSI and says that her favorite classes are math, physics and French. She hopes to become an agronomist, “to better guide planters in agriculture.” 

Bolivard Yodeline is 19 and has three brothers and three sisters. She is in class 8ème AF and says that her favorite classes are English, Créole and biology. She aspires to be a Civil Engineer so that she can “construct beautiful homes.” 

Patrick Nevelus, age 22, has six brothers and two sisters. He is in class NSIII and his favorite subjects are biology and chemistry. He dreams of becoming a Doctor of Medicine “to take good care of sick people.” 

Woodensky Jean is 14 and in class 9ème AF. He has two sisters and one brother and his favorite classes are math, physics and geometry. He aspires to become an information technologist, “for a better mastery of technology.”

Jeandeley Pierre has two sisters and one brother, is 14 and in class 9ème AF. He most enjoys classes in biology, chemistry and French. He dreams of becoming a Doctor of Medicine in order to “help patients find a cure.” 

Nerry Versailles Ménélas, age 12, has five sisters and two brothers. He is in class 8ème AF, where he enjoys studying math and physics. He wants to become a mason “to build pretty houses.” 

Steev-Bradeley Pinchinatis is 14 and enrolled in class 7ème AF where he enjoys classes in chemistry and biology, and dreams of becoming a Doctor of Medicine so that someday he may “contribute to the healing of patients.” 

The hopes and dreams of these students can only be realized through their education at Bon Samaritain. The chance for them to get the education so vital for their future depends on their families’ ability to meet the cost of tuition. These students are eager and bright and working for a better future. Please help us make this possible (  

Rotary International Water Project

Progress continues on developing support for a significant water project in the L’Acul watershed. Many of the rural communities in the L’Acul drainage, such as Fiervil, Treille and Molas, do not have safe sources of drinking water. Water quality testing at the spring water source in Molas in 2018 confirmed high levels of coliform bacteria in the drinking water relied upon by the entire community. Clean drinking water is a critical resource and a comprehensive water purification program that will include several rural communities, as well as Beaudois and the Bon Samaritain school, is a top priority for Two Mules. Proposals require support from local Rotary Clubs both in Haiti and the US. Pere Andre Wildaine is serving as the Rotary Club representative in Haiti and is working with a local engineering team to assess conditions and draw up a technical proposal of infrastructure for this project. Dr. Ghislaine (Peggy) Duhamel is serving as the US Rotary representative working with the Haitian team on this project. Two Mules members are working both on the design planning and project funding support. Final submission date is December 31st, 2021. If you would like to participate in this project in any way, please contact us. Good luck team!

PPE purchases for Covid 19

Pere Wildaine recently reported that rural communities in the L’Acul Parish have experienced very few Covid-19 cases. Locally, the low incidence of infection although there is limited testing available. Local people attribute the low incidence of the spread of the virus to the consumption of a particular type of herbal tea. Two Mules hopes to provide PPE supplies for the community as funds are available. If you would like help to support this important goal, please reach out to us.