Who we are

We provide support for community based initiatives that improve education, healthcare and farming in rural Haiti.

our history

Two Mules evolved from the Outreach Commission of the Church of the Holy Family Episcopal in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Holy Family has a 30-year relationship of mutual support with the village of Molas in the northwestern mountains of Haiti, and particularly with Molas’ primary school, Notre Dame. The current Episcopal Church at Molas was rebuilt in partnership with Holy Family and St. Luke’s, Salisbury in 2004, and the primary school was dedicated in 2013. In 2017 there were 300 children enrolled at Notre Dame, and the school is currently undergoing expansion with a new classroom wing being built in partnership with Holy Family and St. Luke’s. Grade-school students at Notre Dame receive literacy training in Kreyol and French as well as other subjects, and the lunch program is a critical asset for many families in Molas.

In 2018 several members of Two Mules board embarked on a fact-finding trip across the country visiting several organizations that are making significant contributions to economic and community development in rural Haiti. The Foundation for International Development Assistance, productive cooperatives Haiti (https://www.fida-pch.org/), Sustainable Organic Integrated Livelihoods (https://www.oursoil.org/), Haiti Reforestation Partnership (https://haitireforest.org/), and Singing Rooster (https://singingrooster.org/), are helping to develop Haitian owned and managed organizations that promote well-informed initiatives in the areas of farming, adult literacy, waste sanitation, reforestation and commercial crop production and marketing. Two Mules looks forward to partnering with these and other organizations to promote sustainable development in L’Acul.

Two Mules is currently a member of the Coalition of Partners in L’Acul, in the northwest of the Department Artibonite, Haiti. The Coalition includes the Vassar Haiti Project, Vassar College, Poughkeepsie, New York, the Melina Foundation in L’Acul, St. John’s Episcopal Church of Stamford, Connecticut, and St. James Episcopal Church, Potomac Maryland. The Vassar Haiti Project (https://thehaitiproject.org/) has a very strong partnership with the village of Chermaitre in the L’Acul Parish, where they support St. Paul’s primary school, a health clinic in Fiervil, a womens’ cooperative and a farming and reforestation program. Two Mules is pleased to partner with VHP and the Coalition of Partners in L’Acul.

Our Team

Dr. Joseph Hebert


Dr. Joseph Herbert is a co-founder of Two Mules, a member of the Church of the Holy Family Episcopal and the Chapel Hill Zen Center. He holds graduate degrees in anthropology and archaeology and an undergraduate degree in philosophy. Joe’s professional career focused on comprehending prehistoric lifeways; he now works in pursuit of healthy, free and dignified lifeways for all. In small things we can see the broad pattern of history and in small acts create far-reaching impacts. 

Henry Oehmann

President, Co-Founder

Henry Oehmann is President and co-founder of Two Mules for Haiti. After an extensive 2018 trip to Haiti, Henry was moved to establish an NGO to support Haiti. Henry is a member of the Church of Holy Family, serving on the vestry and finance commissions. Henry retired in 2016 after a 20 year corporate career and a 20 plus business consulting career with 12 years in public accounting. He graduated from UNC-Chapel Hill in economics and has a master’s degree in business with a concentration in accounting. He is married to Susan Kilzer and he has two daughters and six grandchildren. 


Pere Andre Wildaine

Andre Wildaine is an Episcopal priest in the Diocese of Haiti. He has a diploma in accounting and a bachelor’s degree in law. He is now the priest in charge at St. Aidan Episcopal Church on the Island of La Tortue, in the north part of Haiti. Pere Wildaine is in charge of the Coalition of Partners in L’Acul serving Fiervil, Chermaitre, Molas and several neighboring villages. Two Mules and the Coalition work with Wildaine, who manages and executes projects in the L’Acul region. Pere Wildaine was Deacon under Pere Soner for a number of years and worked as L’Acul Parish Priest for six years. His role in Two Mules is to work with community organizations in L’Acul, and elsewhere in Haiti and the US, to facilitate positive impacts in the areas of education, healthcare, farming and reforestation. Our mutual goal is to foster sustainable development in rural Haiti.

Charlie Provins

Jean Baptiste Charles (Charlie) Provins works as an Assistant Principal at an Episcopal school in Gonaives, Haiti. He is a passionate Educator. Recently, he created “Genie 9”, an application that triggers the success of the Haitian ninth graders, especially the most vulnerable, in the national examination. He holds a B.A. degree in Communication and Public Relations, and is studying Law. He speaks four languages, Creole, French, English and Spanish, and has been serving as an interpreter for over 12 years serving many organizations, medical teams, and individuals.

Dr. Whitman Reardon

Dr. Whitman Reardon received her BA in Biology from the University of Pennsylvania in 1984, began medical school at Georgetown University in 1986 and transferred to UNC Chapel Hill with her husband, John Reardon. She received her MD from UNC in 1990 and completed her residency in 1993. Whitman has worked at Chapel Hill Internal Medicine for over 25 years. She and her husband raised two children in Chapel Hill, and she has been a member of the Church of Holy Family since 1996, visiting Haiti three times with church mission trips. Her love for Haiti began with her mother, Beverly Sullivan, who volunteered with Eye Care Haiti for many years.  

Dr. Leslie Sharpe

Dr. Leslie Sharpe is an Assistant Professor at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill School of Nursing. Dr. Sharpe received her Master of Science in Nursing from University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in the Primary Care/Family Nurse Practitioner program in 1999 and her Doctor of Nursing Practice degree from Duke University in 2016. With a strong desire to improve access to care for medically underserved communities, Dr. Sharpe has worked for the past 20 years in rural or underserved communities. One of her greatest passions is to participate in medical mission trips to Molas, an isolated, rural village in the mountains of Haiti.

Dr. Ghislaine Duhamel

Dr. Ghislaine (Peggy) Duhamel is a retired veterinarian and a 28-year member of Rotary International in NY, VA and now NC. With Rotary, she participated in a polio vaccination mission in India and a dental mission in Nicaragua. As a naturalized citizen, she has a committed interest in walking with refugees and immigrants as they adapt to this country. Peggy speaks French fluently, German almost so, and Spanish functionally. She serves on the Outreach Commission of the Church of the Holy Family and on the board of other organizations in Chapel Hill. She received a BA from Wellesley College and her DVM from Cornell.

Daniel Chew

Daniel Chew is a supply chain professional with over twenty years of experience working in the pharmaceutical, medical device and consumer packaged goods industries for multinational companies based in Japan, France and US. A native of Malaysia, he received his degree in Microbiology at the University of Georgia and his MBA at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Daniel participated in his first medical mission trip with his son to Molas, an isolated, rural village in the mountains of Haiti in 2017. He and his family live in Chapel Hill, NC.