October Newsletter

We launch a website, donate mules to two L’Acul families, apply for a grant, join the Coalition of Partners, L’Acul, and begin work on a water project! 

A big big thank you!



News on the projects and activities of Two Mules for Haiti

Website launched:  As you no doubt already know, we have launched our new website with the careful diligence of Joe Herbert and the skill and experience of Carboro Creative.  Joe spent many hours pulling together project descriptions, pictures, stories, and facts about Two Mules in order to bring this fabulous new addition to our informational arsenal.  He had great help from Peggy Duhamel who added content, Pere Wildaine edited the Creole text, and Diane Steinhouse at Holy Family who contributed time and information to create this website.  Thanks to everyone for all your hard work. If you have any suggestions for the website, please use the contact page to email us!

Purchase of two mules:  Recently, Pere Wildaine received our wire transfer to buy two mules, saddles, packs and blankets.  These draft animals (to be named Henry and Joe) will be owned by Two Mules for Haiti, and used to transport building supplies, food, medicine and in emergencies people, to and from Fiervil at the base of the mountain and Molas near the summit.  This will be particularly useful for the final phase of construction of the new Notre Dame school wing in Molas. The mules will be cared for and managed by two Haitian families, Mr. Maccene Jean who lives near the Fiervil health clinic at the base of the mountain, and Mr. Docius who lives in Molas.  All transportation of supplies to and from Notre Dame school in Molas will be given first priority and will be undertaken free of charge. Caretaker families will otherwise use the mules at their discretion to profit as they may by hiring out the mules for other transportation needs in the L’Acul area. Caretakers will keep a record of their transportation activities that will be regularly reported to Pere Wildaine and to Two Mules. We are keenly interested in partnering with faculty at university schools of veterinary medicine who have programs focused on providing students with opportunities to practice large animal healthcare in developing countries. If this project is of interest to you, please contact Two Mules for Haiti!

St. Luke’s Proposal:  On October 1st, Henry Oehmann submitted to St. Luke’s Foundation a proposal for funding of the student scholarship program at Bon Samaritain Episcopal secondary school in Beaudois, Haiti.  As a top priority of need identified by Pere Wildaine, we submitted a proposal for $12,500 to fund twelve (12) one-year $1,000 scholarships and expenses for secondary school students at Bon Samaritain.  Scholarship funds are to be paid to Bon Samaritain for tuition, fees, meals, assistance, and backpacks for promising students from many communities in the L’Acul Parish. The scholarship award selection process is managed by Bon Samaritain school in coordination with Pere Jonas LaBorde.   We hope to hear back from St. Luke’s on our proposal around November 1st.

Water Projects and Rotary International:  Rotary International has a program to fund international water quality and supply projects.  This program has expanded to include healthcare, community development and other needs to Haiti.  Pere Wildaine and Peggy Duhamel, who are Rotarians, have teamed up with Joe Herbert and Henry Oehmann to develop a proposal and raise funds for a significant water proposal in the L’Acul watershed area of Haiti.  Submissions for proposals are extensive and require support from local Rotary Clubs.  Final submission date is December 31st.  Our work begins now, but our proposal will be submitted at the end of 2021.  Good luck team!

Coalition of Partners, L’Acul, with Vassar Haiti Project:  In September Two Mules for Haiti joined the Coalition of Partners, L’Acul, with the Vassar Haiti Project, St. John’s Episcopal Church of Stamford, Connecticut, and St. James Episcopal Church, Potomac Maryland.  The Coalition coordinates with Pere Wildaine on the design, funding and management of important community development projects in L’Acul.  Projects like water quality and hygiene, healthcare, farming and reforestation serve numerous communities more effectively when coordinated through the Coalition of Partners. Your donations in support of the coalition are greatly appreciated!

PPE purchases for Covid 19:  Pere Wildaine recently reported that rural communities in the L’Acul Parish have experienced very few Covid-19 cases.  Locally, the low incidence of infection is attributed to the consumption of a particular type of herbal tea, however, Wildaine was quick to add that there is limited testing available.  Two Mules plan to provide PPE supplies for the community as funds are available. If you would like help supporting this important goal, please make a donation.